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You are required to read the terms of services carefully and accept them before you start using the site.

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These terms govern your access to and use of the services available on asleshifa. It must be noted that these terms are void and nullified in the case of Third-Party products, which may be governed by their Terms of Services.

Incorporated Terms

As an integral part of terms of services, the policies, agreements, and guidelines, which are incorporated here must also be followed.  The incorporated terms to which you must be bound to include:

  • Privacy policy
  • Refund terms
  • Shipping policy
  • Cookies policy
  • Payment policy
Creating an Account

You are not required to have an account if you want to search or browse products, product reviews, and/or FAQs. However, you are required to create an account to place an order, enjoy services, special promotions, and activities that are available only for registered members.  The customer visiting the site must provide legitimate and precise data. Any wrong filling of the information may result in the suspension of the account without any further notice. The customer must provide his/her full name, email address, zip-code, city, and username, etc. The information we take from the customer is subjected to our privacy policy.

Customers are solely responsible for the information they provide. Asleshifa will not be responsible and won’t compensate in case wrong information prevents shipment, deliveries, or custom clearance.

We, and our team, always conform to the laws of the jurisdiction. It is requested to customers fulfill the laws in their respective countries for the continuous availability of services on site.


The customer is responsible for maintaining the account security and services ordered or accessed. You are not allowed to share your account credentials with a third party.

We take the responsibility for the security of credit cardholder information as far as we have control over data.

Asleshifa will provide a technical, social, organizational, and physical security environment for customer data stored.

Curb Liability

Being allowed by the laws, neither asleshifa nor its members will be liable to the customer in case if a customer loses revenues or profits. We will also be not responsible in case of any significant, indirect, or punitive damage that may arise out of the services or terms.

Intellectual Property rights

The intellectual property rights in all the content like logo, text, graphics, buttons, icons, descriptions, products or images, etc made available to you through this website will remain the property of asleshifa and will be protected by the copyright laws across the globe. You can print, store, and display the content only for your purposes solely. It is prohibited to you to manipulate, reproduce, or distribute, in any format. Any content that appears on the website is prohibited to be used for business or commercial enterprise.

Asleshifa does not own the content you provide to us and thus does not claim any intellectual right to such content. You grant us all the trademarks, patents, copyrights, and all intellectual rights in case if you provide content using the services.

Terms & Conditions for pricing and payment

Product prices at asleshifa continue to change from time to time without notice. The prices of the products exclude the pricing of import tax, duties, and V.A.T. Payment of these is the responsibility of the customer.

Dispute Resolution

Customers must accept that all disputes will be governed by the country and the state’s law. Clients can cancel their order at any time before the product is shipped. Please contact customer support at asleshifa@gmail.com for assistance. Keep in mind, that if the order is dispatched you will no longer be able to cancel the order. However, we have a separate refund policy in case of any damage.

Customer’s conduct

Our team is available 24/7 to assist and satisfy the customer in any perspective courteously, politely, and friendly. However, any undesirable, unfair, or misconduct towards any of our team members will not be tolerated at all.

Undesirable, unfair, or misconduct towards our customer care support or asleshifa may include the following:

Threatening behavior, for example, being aggressive, abusive, racist, sexist, unproven allegations, or using menacing language. For example, direct or implied threats at any communication level through any network.

Wrong allegations, persistent complaints despite the matter being fully addressed and solved, altering the nature of the complaint, and/or demanding unrealistic outcomes beyond the scope of our processes and policies.

Forcing the staff to breach company policy and procedure

For the behavior listed above, complaints must be advised and formally notified the following:

The intimidating, aggressive, and abusive language must be considered wholly intolerable.

Such language must refrain

There should not be given a response if unacceptable behavior persists

Refund Policy

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